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Novels with a Christian message

The "Four series" have a powerful and engaging story line while carry a clear Christian message.  


"Probably the best Christian fiction I have ever read "S.M. Scotland

"Wonderful writing style" Lenziegirl, Scotland

"Gripping, must read page turner" L.C.Leeds

"Difficult to put down, electrifying read" - P.P. Ellesmere Port

"Thrilling novel, enthralling read" R.C. Yorkshire

"Difficult to put down" D.S. Cambridge

"Fast moving and thoughtful thriller" J.G. Scotland




What happens when a retired minister leaves the worn bibles that have accompanied him through his ministry at various locations around the Cotswolds? Read the story of lives changed by them as the narrative moves from England to Estonia, Scotland and USA. 

'Four' addresses some of  the harrowing issue surrounding people trafficking - its effect on the victims and what takes place when courageous people attempt to extricate themselves from its clutches.  It is a story of hope. 

"Four - Resurrection" continues the story of "Four" though each are complete novels in their own right.

This book deals with issues of isolation and oppression overcome by the power of tenacity, hope, commitment and love.

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